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Our difference

What is the All Saints difference?

All Saints students graduate with much more than can be provided by an academic curriculum alone. The School not only recognises the importance of academic excellence but also places great focus on the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of all its students.

All Saints provides each and every student with the framework they require to explore their interests, develop their talents, achieve their goals and, ultimately, be the very best they can be.

Three sub-schools, one school

Our distinct sub-school model delivers teaching and learning in a way that recognises the unique and changing social, emotional and educational needs of each age and stage. While learning in separate sub-schools with their own dedicated team of highly qualified teachers and staff, our students all share the same campus, allowing them to enjoy the benefits and connections of a Pre Prep to Year 12 school.

The whole child, the whole time

Parents choose All Saints not only for our superb facilities and excellent record of academic results, but because of a reputation for noticing, nurturing and spending time with each individual child entrusted to our care. Every academic staff member at All Saints is involved in the pastoral care program of the School.

Inspiration for a curious mind

Looking beyond and allowing our students to wonder is an important part of learning at All Saints. We believe in a wholistic learning philosophy based on cherishing and encouraging the already curious minds of children. Our school curriculum is layered with programs like Wonder, Infinity and Livewire, which make learning fun.

Living the gospel

All Saints is a place where the gospel is lived as well as taught. As an Anglican school, every member of our community, regardless of their faith or denomination, belongs and is valued. Our ministry is relational first, flowing from a collective heart, seeking to offer and receive God’s love to all.

Student success

All Saints students regularly achieve outstanding success in academics, performing arts and sport each year. In 2021, 45% of students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, and 100% of graduates who applied for tertiary studies were offered a place. But perhaps the most important statistic of all is that, with the help of our Careers and Vocational Education Centre, all our Year 12 graduates leave school to go into a career path of their choosing.

Community at the heart

All Saints is above all an integrated and passionate community of students, teachers, parents, guardians and alumni, working together to ensure our school remains a supportive and enriching environment in which we learn, grow and connect.

International Education
Performing Arts Program
Living the Gospel
Superb Facilities
Service Learning Program
“We pay attention to the intangibles. Our culture is about the human factor. To help the child thrive, a balance is what the soul needs.”
— Patrick Wallas, Headmaster