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Pastoral Care

Life is a profoundly wonderful gift. However, at times, it can be challenging too. At All Saints, we accept that some of our students will occasionally need a little extra help, and we endeavour to be available to them when they do.

About our program

The building of positive relationships is the cornerstone upon which pastoral care at All Saints is built. When students in need approach their favourite teacher for some friendly guidance, it is the staff's willingness to listen and to provide considered advice that is our point of difference. Once a problem has been shared and talked through, it never seems quite so insurmountable.

From time to time, students will have special needs relating to their academic performance. Some students will need to be challenged more directly in order to keep them engaged, whilst others might need more specific help with particular aspects of their learning. To this end, a dedicated team of specialist teachers and counsellors offers tailored educational support.