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Junior School

Laying a solid foundation when it comes to education is crucial, which is why All Saints delivers early years schooling with the highest care and consideration.

Pre Prep

Pre Prep is the main entry point to the Junior School. Students in Pre Prep are encouraged to cooperate, problem solve and think laterally. They learn new language skills, mathematical concepts, persistence and concentration, the value of curiosity, self-confidence, co-ordination, healthy attitudes and values. Pre Prep is a caring and expressive center of learning with a vibrant family atmosphere.


Prep is the first formal year of schooling. This year level not only focuses on a child's social and developmental areas, but is also academically significant. The basis of literacy and numeracy are laid during this period and the acquisition of these complex skills is very much determined by each child's individual level of maturity and independence.

Years 1 and 2

Emphasis in Years 1 and 2 is given to developing reading, writing and mathematical skills. Students are introduced to the concept of working as an individual and also as a member of the group. Whilst the core subjects are offered by the class teacher and children also experience specialist tuition in other areas. Students are encouraged to stretch their imaginations and flex their creativity by interacting with a wide stimulus. 

Years 3 to 6

Central to the academic program in the Junior School are the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. Students begin to develop a deep understanding of these areas and begin to form a picture of their individual areas of interest in time for Middle School, where electives are introduced. Years 3 to 6 are a time for crucial academic and social development. 

Specialist areas

In the Junior School, there are dedicated staff members that support the range of specialist learning areas on offer. These subjects include Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Dance and Drama, Chess and more.

Individual learning

All Saints believes that all students have the right to reach their optimum potential. To this end, the School offers individual and small group educational support to students who may experience difficulties with certain areas of the academic program. There are also dedicated groups and programs for high-achieving students to explore and stretch their individual talents.